about us

Scitech Associates was founded to develop a remarkable technology for energy harvesting and conversion, and we are poised to make things happen. As an example, silicon technology has been around over 50 years, and thin-film solar technology has been around for about 30 years, but their commercial efficiencies still top out at around 20%. A leap in efficiency using abundant, non-toxic, affordable materials is about to turn all that around.

Our optical rectification diode technology is unique since it does not have the band-gap limitations that are inherit in today’s semiconductor based devices. Overcoming band-gap constraints can dramatically increase efficiencies - that means converting a lot more of the energy in light into electricity. Moreover, this led us to begin to cultivate additional designs for waste-heat-recovery systems, sensors, communications hardware, etc.

Some important aspects our technology is that there are no moving parts; its scalable, environmentally friendly & recyclable and the main processing steps for fabrication are currently available.

Our vision is to launch the platform that propels this transformation.

Our mission is to supply technology to make cost-effective energy available to everyone, everywhere.

Our philosophy is:

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